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Declining number of downloads

Declining number of downloads

After releasing app, app ranking get lower and the number of downloads declined soon.

Out of ranking

Out of ranking

Even setting meta keywords on App Store, those keywords are on out of ranking.

A decline in search ranking

A decline in search ranking

Search ranking in App Store is domestically declining.

Keyword choice

Keyword choice

There are a lot of keywords more than the maximum number of characters and you don’t know which must be set.

Design production

Design production

It’s difficult to make an icon and a screenshot.

Best settings

Best settings

You don’t know what is the best App title, subtitle, description and so on.

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Why is ASO measures important?

Apple announced the 65% of all download on App Store is from Search Results.

This is quite huge rate in users download process.

This means you lose 65% users if no optimization of Search results.

From this date, you could know how important ASO is.

Not only for new released Apps but ASO measure is very important for the Apps already on the Store.


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A lot of performances

G-KIT has a lot of performances even in any genre on this business so high trustful knowledge like which keyword get more organic users from a search result efficiently are accumulated.

Why are we chosen?


We have our own high quality knowledges about ASO which each platforms don’t announce clear logic.

Following iOS App Sore and Google Play’s newest trend, we optimize Store setting and aim to raise the number of downloads.


In terms of ASO, many people think about Game apps but we could have good performances on a wide range such as healthcare, education, promotional application and so on.

Advertisement cost

Completely cut the unnecessary advertising cost

ASO measure is not only raising organic install but also enhance CVR.


By showing an App in good condition to users from Advertising, you could reduce the number of users leaving and cut the unnecessary advertising cost.

The main measure contents

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Now, the number of apps on App Store and Google Play increase year by year.

It’s really important how users find your App in a lot of Apps.

It was important to show in high rank on App Store ever, but nowadays more important matter is to show in high rank of search result as you could know from App Store UI. Apple says 65% users download from Search result.

By ASO; App store optimization, you could catch users efficiently and also you could bring your app on high rank and reach users in the 65% organic.

We have a lot of knowledge and performances so we could correspond any requests from clients.

By doing so, it is possible to match not only high achievements but also various demands.

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