Are you having trouble
with running advertisement?

Leave it to us
for Web/App advertisement campaign!

Made great results in Japan and overseas.

Selecting the most appropriate information
based on our unique keyword data, knowledge and experiences.


Outstanding verification speed!

Since we have in-house designers, we are able to perform creative verification at a very fast pace.
In addition, by working with ASO, we can improve CVR measures at a speed that no other company can match.


Detailed monitoring
using our Unique System

G-KIT’s unique monitoring system allows us to monitor the media at a very high level. We see the Outbursts, bad effects, creative hits, etc. immediately and will respond simultaneously.


Powerful connection with media!

We work closely with almost all the major advertising media. Since our operation team and media managers communicating directly with each other, new updates on platform and improvement proposal can be discussed directly. Based on that, we can propose measures that are truly effective.


Fukuoka Branch Office
Operations & Creative Team

We have established a branch office in Fukuoka with operation team and operation specialists. We are ready to provide operational support. Please fill out the following form and press the confirmation button.

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