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About the description of GMad

Reaching to the audience

GMad keeps the large scale and high quality of KPI by accessing to the 50 million of rich users and the advertising impressions of 100 million of cross-channels.

high performanced traffic

Providing advertises over the 30,000 of conversion and leads and reach to engaged targets(audience). Also it is possible to choose types such as CPI, CPA and CPE

The service for avoiding any frauds

GMad provides the mechanism for protecting uses from frauds and bot traffics.

The algorithm of optimisation

GMad uses the original algorithm such as CPI, CPA, and CPE to conduct the optimisation on any projects.

The algorithm of optimisation

GMad uses the original algorithm such as CPI, CPA, and CPE to conduct the optimisation on any projects.


providing supports in 3 languages, Japanese, English and Chinese! customers use our service all over the world


What We Do?


mobile advertisements for Android and iOS based on data brain

GMad is the highest quality of the platform for mobile advertisements with the infinite scales and the cutting edge technology.


Clients are able to purchase the traffic in GMad mobile ad network and all the main mobile RTB exchange by using the dashboard.


Clients are able to make and manage mobile advertisement campaign for both Android and iOS easily and analyse deeply. Also it is possible to make the campaign optimising by using the optimiser tools.(patent pending)


Banners within App

Banners within App

Banner ad within App is main way for mobile advertisements. To combine the ads and the high quality of advertisements by GMad, advitisers are able to reach consumers on any situation of mobile life

Abstracted Banner

Abstracted Banner

An abstracted banne is a creative format for showing the ad messages on the contents with the full motion of the transparent overlay.

Offer Wall


Offer Wall is shown when the app session interrupts naturally and provides the various offers with conducting the self optimisation for the highest level of performance. It can broadcast the rich media such as downloading online videos and apps.

Evolved overlay


Overlay advertisement promotes the unique engagement when advitisers use the original overlay on the app contents and provides the relating offers directly within the app.

 Video Ads


Online ad enables to keep the highest level of conversion and increase the quality of customer experinces due to optimising the kind of devices and the speed of connection.

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