salesYohei Ueki

植木 洋平
I joined G-KIT in 2017 as a sales personnel for new customers.
In my work, I am always focusing on to [have fun].
In reality, it is difficult to do so when you only focusing on it, but G-KIT has the best members and an environment that allows me to have fun.
I am grateful to be able to work in this environment, and I will do my best to continue to grow!

global salesTadatoshi Nojiri

野尻 忠寿
One word to describe G-KIT is “Freedom”.
I am allowed to work in G-KIT with a lot of flexibility.
However, this is based on a relationship of trust between me and my supervisors and we do what we have to do to make it happen.
I am grateful to my supervisors for their trust in me!

sales supportYukari Otani

大谷 友佳莉
I am surrounded by fun people every day.
At G-KIT, we call each other by our names and nicknames, and our relationship is very flat. (not common things in Japan)
It’s easy to ask for advice and express our opinions, and we joke around a lot (lol).
I’m grateful for the wonderful environment and want to cintribute a lot.

marketingYusuke Yamasige

山重 祐介
When I’m in the office, I always have a bright atmosphere.
It means that all employees are able to maintain good relationships with each other.
I think it is a proof that it is easy to work or that you are engaged in work with fulfilling content.
I am happy every day to be able to work as a member of that circle.






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