We help our clients expand their app business around the world through app marketing.
As we are a specialist in the fast-evolving field of app marketing, we are committing to create optimal processes and lead our clients to success.
Our company name contains the meanings of “”G”” as “”Global””, “”Growth”” and “”KIT”” as “”Together””, which means “”Growing together to the world”.

Message from the CEO

“Our mission is to “”continue to create New things with our Team””.

We consider our “”Team”” to be all of our clients, partners and other members who work together with us.

In an increasingly globalized society, we will continue to create systems and services that enrich society and individuals, not only in Japan, but around the world, by evolving together with our “”Team””.

Koji Tanaka”

CEO 田中耕二
CEO 田中耕二
COO 大村 和貴

Message from the COO

As we desire as our company’s’ name, all of us will do our best to provide our service and develop the products globally.

We would like to ask for your continued support.

Kazuki Omura

COO 大村 和貴